DIY Herbal Alternatives and Herbal Remedies

Before the emergence of modern medicine, we utilized DIY Herbal alternatives and Remedies to treat all kinds of ailments. The Corona Virus pandemic should and must make us look back and start re-evaluating what treatments we have been overlooking. For generations we harvested traditional medicine from plants that grow around our houses as well as home steads. These, we used to cure simple maladies like flu, fever stomach aches to name but a few.

It is advisable to grow plants  like garlic, lemons, aloe vera in both your small house garden and yard too. It would be good to remember that most modern medicines indeed have these same plants as ingredients. 

Good Examples Of DIY Herbal Alternatives and Remedies.
  • Individuals growing garlic and lemon at home can for example mix a cocktail to help with their cold or flu.
  • Furthermore a hot cup of ginger, lemon, garlic and honey tea can ease up on that cough or congestion.
  • Chillis of various types which are rich in vitamins can help with high blood pressure as well as chest colds.
  • Garlic has powerful antibiotic properties that can help a diabetic individual as well as some one with digestive problems.
  • Aromatic oils from lavender, peppermint, rosemary can not only soothe but relieve sore muscles and congestion too. You can achieve that by rubbing them on your body or likewise using them steam baths.
  • Moreover common cold, flu, scurvy are among the many ailments that those lemons in your back yard can help with.
  • Mango leaves when dried and powdered or boiled fresh from the tree and consumed can help with various ailments. These include not only respiratory problems, dysentery, hiccups but also other minor diseases.
  • Avocado which are also very rich in nutrients and vitamins are good for the whole family. Apart from helping with natural detoxification, improving digestion they are also good for your vision and maintaining a healthy heart.
  • Last but not least we have Aloe Vera which is a proven Antioxidant and has antibacterial properties. Applying an aloe leaf's fresh gel onto a wound or burn helps to both ease the pain and reduce inflammation. This important plant that is very easy to grow at home also helps with irritable bowels and fevers.

In Conclusion whereas we are not telling you to get rid of that beautiful jacuzzi in your backyard, It is rather that unused space that you are wondering what to do with that should have at least one medicinal plant in your home.

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