Terms & Conditions

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Terms and Conditions

We reserve the right to serve or refuse service to anyone.

Privacy Policy

All data collected is used with your explicit permission and will not be shared with any third party no matter what the circumstances may be. Afore mentioned data will be deleted once the spell casting is successfully finished.

Shipping Details

Most items from the spell casting store will only be shipped at the client’s cost. A choice of normal postage or speed delivery is available depending on the urgency and the location of the client who wants the items.

Your Contact Information

Your Contact information just like the rest of the data you may provide us with will not be shared with anyone unless you instruct us to.


All refunds will be returned using the original form of payment, be advised that they may take longer or quicker depending on the time zone.


We are a family of traditional healers, spell casters and herbalists. All our spells and herbal recipes have been passed down for generations.

What personal data we collect and why we collect it

The information we collect depends on the type of spell an individual needs. Names, Photos and Ages can be requested for use especially for Love spells, Attraction Spells and Marriage Spells. All information collected is permanently deleted or discarded when the spell casting process is finished. 

Payment Terms

Like data collection, payment depends on the type of spell. the duration of a particular spell is also another factor we look at. We accept Cash, Cheque, Bank Transfers, Western Union or Money Gram and other forms of remittances. We can also come up with a flexible payment plan if an individual can not afford the full cost of the spell. 

Time It Takes To Finish Spells

The turn around period for a particular spell depends on its complexity and how long the problem has been going on in one’s life. It is also influenced by the availability of the spell casting materials.

Prof Mugwanya

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Full Moon Spells


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