Illuminati Spells

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Who are the Illuminati and what are their rituals?

Although considered modern by many, the illuminati rituals, their secret spells and free masonary are actually as old as time.

Illuminati spells deal with spiritual enlightenment, wealth, knowledge creation and conservation worldwide. Our spells include various illuminati rituals, get rich quick spells, protection spells,etc.

Everyone in the world can have these strong spells cast for them even if they are not illuminati members. This includes individuals from all religions, nationalities and sexual orientations. The misconception that women cant do illuminati rituals is untrue, as here at JB Spells we serve both sexes. There are many women among the top ranks of free masons and illuminati, from all walks of life.

The illuminati item shop

We sell ancient masonary illuminati artefacts such as magic rings, pendants, necklaces along with talismans. Items come emblazoned with the illuminati triangle which is a very important illuminati symbol. All rings come in gold, titanium, bronze and silver and include an engraving of your initials if you wish. Pendants and necklaces come only in gold and silver with your names initials on them if you wish.Lucky charms come in platinum, copper and gold. Anything with the spiritual all seeing third eye can similarly be had in all metals and weights. We sell masonary ceremonial gowns and capes, these come in handy during spell casting and when performing the secret rites. Furthermore we hold an annual get together and swap meet at the sacred shrine compound where all illuminati aficionados can meet .

Important facts

Every ceremony or ritual performed aims to improve and better your life for good. Our annual get together and swap meet always takes place in the last week of November at the Sacred shrine, come one, come all. You can call or contact JB Spells directly using whatsapp, our contact form, email, or any other SM messaging app.

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