Leading Herbalist And Alchemist

Herbalist and Alchemist in Africa.

Chief Joseph Buba is a spiritual healer, herbalist and alchemist and therefore a spell caster with strong powers. Although based in East Africa we cast spells for people from all walks of life from all over the globe. In fact you can use our spells, herbs and potions from the comfort of your home with guaranteed results.

We can both bind and recover relationships. We do this using herbalist remedies and relationship healing spells. Furthermore through full moon spells, we fix spiritual issues that seemed impossible. As a dream clairvoyant and seer, Chief JB can do an online reading for you especially in solving relationship problems.

What is spell casting and Herbal Remedies ?

Spell casting is a mixture of both traditional rituals and sometimes modern ones. There are various herbalist recipes and procedures that a healer uses during the spell casting process. While casting a spell, each ritual will depend on the nature of the problem that is facing the client.

How long does it take ?

Although most issues only need quick spells, each individual  problem has its own turn around time. Generally most issues take between 24 hours to 72 hours to fix. Check the list below to check your problem and determine what time it may take. 

Prices and Charges for casting a spell.

We offer free consultation both online and physically for all spell casting services. We determine the price of a particular spell in the same way we do with its T.A.T. That is to say, prices are set depending on the size of the problem.

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