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We specialise in waxing moon and full moon rituals when casting your spell. For marriage and love we have relationship healing spells. For work and careers we have job spells which for many have proven to be some of best ways to advance your career.

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Marriage Spells

Using waxing and full moon rituals we can cast for you spells of marriage. These spells also include the divorce spells which can help in separations. With these spells you can tell if your husband loves another woman. Also solve marriage issues using this strong spell for marriage.

Waxing Moon Love Spells

Our powerful full moon love spells can help you to get back with an ex even if the reasons for a breakup were very strong. We also have binding rituals that can rekindle the love you had at the beginning of your affair.

LGBTQ Issues​

These series of spells deal with same sex relationship problems in particular. At the top of these LGBTQ issues lies gay relationship breakup advice, gay magic spells, etc. Furthermore LGBTQ acceptance is another problem that we have tailored spells for. These include the gay attraction and lgbtq family acceptance spells.

Herbal Remedies and Traditional Healing​

Our herbal shop stocks Herbal remedies for many afflictions. Moreover we have herbalist recipes for various solutions and spells. Use herbal alternatives to fix problems that plague your life using local herbs.

Psychic and Fortune teller​

Get accurate clairvoyant readings from a dream clairvoyant. These can help with dream meaning and interpretation among other things. Furthermore we do love tarot divination to help with relationship problems and predictions. Using psychic protection spells we can get you protection against psychic attacks. Come get accurate psychic predictions using the astrologer chart and our clairvoyant spells.

Illuminati Spells​

Stop wondering if the illuminati is real. Rather come and experience our illuminati rituals and spells yourself. Among these rituals you will find spells for love, protection, wealth and many more. Although the most famous ones are the illuminati business spells. Customers have also found strong potency in the ones for relationships and love. Our store stocks items like rings, talismans and other sacred free masonary materials.

Voodoo Spells and Vodou Spells​

Are you wondering how to practice hoodoo? in fact do you want to learn vodou rituals and practices. You have come to the right place, we use voodoo spells in different ways in order to fix relationships. We can provide you with voodoo chants for money analogous to spells for wealth and prosperity. Moreover you can order items like voodoo dolls, pins, powder, etc. from our voodoo priest.

Job Spells and Career spells

Our work and career growth spells can help you with your work or career, they include; spells to get a job if you are unemployed, spells for success in your career, the job promotion spell, the lose your job spell if you are seeing signs you are about to lose your job, job spells with candles and spells to help you if you are starting your own business. many more.

Protection Spells

At Full Moon Spells we perform binding spells for enemies and all types of rituals for protection. Our protective spells will help you if you are always waking up scared in the middle of the night. We have protection spells from enemies, wiccan spells for protection and lastly but not least home protection spells and the protection spells for loved ones.

Full Moon Spells For Money

Our money spells and prosperity spells are here to improve your financial situation and life in general. We have the spell to gain money and spells for luck for those who love chance games. We also perform the money spell with green candles along with the blood spells for money. Finally we have the honey jar spells to return stolen money and honey jar spells for a job or work.

Attraction Spells

Have you been stressing over how to make someone fall in love with you? Here are a series of love spells to attract a specific person and to become attractive in their eyes. They include muthi to attract women, the sexual attraction spell, wiccan attraction spells along with other purification rituals. Furthermore you also get beauty spells like spells for hair, mermaid spells and many more.

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